Justin Bieber hugs queer fan struggling with religion: ‘It breaks my heart’


Justin Bieber got emotional with a fan after a church service this week | Photo: Sorry video

Justin Bieber comforts a fan who opened up about their sexuality and religion in a new video, surfaced this week.

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The fan told the star they face difficulties finding a church inclusive of LGBTI, to which the Sorry singer said: ‘It breaks my heart.’

Appearing online on 11 June, the video shows the Canadian singer talking to fans following a church service.

Bieber, who identifies as Christian, sometimes refers to his faith in his songs, such as 2010’s Pray.

‘I’m so sorry. That’s not okay’

In the clip, Bieber – whose hoodie is shown to have a cross on it – is approached by a fan asking how the service went and whether his church is open to the LGBTI community.

‘Isn’t your church like really inclusive, like, of the gay community?” the fan asks.

Bieber, who attends Hillsong Church in New York City, replies that it is and anyone can come.

The fan then says they have struggled to attend church since coming out as queer, despite being Catholic.

‘I’m trying to find a place that is like, inclusive of everybody, ’cause I came out as queer not long ago. So, I’m trying to find a nice place. ‘Cause, like no one is nice. Everybody is so homophobic,’ adds the fan.

‘Yeah, that breaks my heart for you. I’m so sorry. That’s not okay,’ Bieber says, inviting the fan to join Hillsong.

‘If you ever want to come to any of the services, any of them would love to have you. [We’d] love to have you in there, you’re more than welcome to come any time.’

The singer then hugs the fan before leaving. Watch the short clip below.

The ‘megachurch’ loved by celebrities

Justin Bieber isn’t the only celebrity regularly attending service at Hillsong. It attracts many A-listers, such as Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Vanessa Hudgens, Hailey Baldwin plus Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also reportedly among those loving Hillsong’s concert-like approach to mass.

Despite its non-traditional appeal, Hillsong, as with many others churches in the US, is said to have a conservative stance on LGBTI issues and abortion. Singer Trey Pearson, a former member of Christian band Everyday Sunday, tweeted about Bieber, urging him to spark a real conversation about Hillsong.

‘I would love to see someone like Justin Bieber make a change. I think there are a lot of people at Hillsong that would like to see that change,’ the singer told Billboard.

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