Kameron Michaels: The internet cannot handle Drag Race’s beefy queen

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10’s Kameron Michaels. | Photo: Kameron Michaels / Instagram

The thirst is real for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10’s resident beefcake Kameron Michaels.

On and off screen, people are screaming over this muscle queen outside of drag.

During her big entrance on the show, Kameron says: ‘I auditioned for Pit Crew, but this is gonna be way more fun.’

Then in this premiere episode of Drag Race, the queens begin untucking out of their entrance drag looks.

Kameron Michaels in underwear

Kameron Michaels. | Photo: Instagram

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams looks at Kameron Michaels and screams: ‘Oh my god! I have a new crush.’

Eureka O’Hara then says in a confessional: ‘Miss Kameron is looking so juicy. Standing over there all fine and tattooed, from neck to navel.’

Back in the workroom, Mayhem Miller looks Kameron up and down. Then she says: ‘Why didn’t anybody say there was actual trade up in here? She’s smuggling ham and shit.’

‘Bodybuilder Barbie’

And the shocked reactions to this self-confessed ‘bodybuilder Barbie’ are offscreen too. Many took to social media to quench their collective thirst.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘I really am about to stan Kameron Michaels purely because he’s hot, aren’t I?’

Kameron Michaels in her underwear posing

Kameron Michaels. | Photo: Instagram

Then people started coming for Milk and Pearl, who fans have lusted over in previous seasons.

One tweeted: ‘Kameron Michaels is the new drag race eye candy and Pearl is quaking in her heels.’

Another said: ‘Milk and Pearl, watch out for Kameron Michaels – there’s a new queen coming in to be hotter than y’all, sorry girls.’

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Kameron Michaels at the gym

Photo: Instagram

Kameron Michaels in his underwear posing in bed

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Kameron Michaels mirror selfie

Photo: Instagram

Kameron Michaels in high heels and underwear

Photo: Instagram

Kameron Michaels in and out of drag

Photo: Instagram

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