Rupert Everett says Oscar Wilde wouldn’t have used Grindr – here’s why


Colin Morgan and and Rupert Everett in The Happy Prince | Photo: Lionsgate UK

Rupert Everett has said his idol Oscar Wilde probably wouldn’t have used Grindr if he was alive today, because the literary icon loved ‘romance.’

‘Grindr’s about sending a picture of your a***hole,’ the actor said in an interview with Gay Star News, adding: ‘Wilde enjoyed the romance of meeting somebody.’

Rupert is currently starring as Wilde in the new biopic The Happy Prince, which he also directed.

‘He gave tons of boys and young men cigarette cases and stuff’

Elaborating on the subject of Wilde’s approach to love and sex, Rupert furthermore said: ‘When he met [one of the loves of his life] Alfred Douglas – he was a Grindr-ish-type person – he introduced Wilde to much more sex, possibly.’

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He also added: ‘But still, Wilde was very interested in people. He gave tons of boys and young men cigarette cases and stuff like that. It would intimate he made personal contact, I think, with people.’

Rupert’s filmography includes Hollywood classics such as My Best Friend’s Wedding and Stardust. He previously played Wilde on stage in The Judas Kiss in 2012.

The Happy Prince, which has scored warm reviews, is in UK cinemas now. The US release is 5 October.

Emotive trailer drops for Rupert Everett’s Oscar Wilde biopic The Happy Prince

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