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A group of trans celebrities have opened up about seeing themselves represented in mainstream media for the first time.

Streaming service, Netflix, has teamed up with LGBTI media advocacy organization, GLAAD.

They’ve filmed the stories about the power of authentic transgender media representations from Jamie ClaytonJazz JenningsElliot FletcherLaura Jane GraceTiq MilanMeredith Talusan, and GLAAD’s own Nick Adams.

As the trans celebrities shared their stories, trans painter Rae Senarighi painted a portrait of each preson.

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Netflix and GLAAD said in a statement they know that authentic media stories and characters are pivotal in creating acceptance.

‘This is especially true for trans people, who have either been invisible in mainstream media or portrayed using inaccurate and offensive stereotypes,’ the statement read.

‘And that’s why when you finally see a trans character that resonates with you as real and authentic – where you can see a part of yourself in the story – it is so powerful.’

The #FirstTimeISawMe campaign addresses the need for more nuanced and varied representation of trans people in entertainment. GLAAD’s most recent report on LGBTQ characters on television found only 17 transgender characters out of 901 series regular characters.

GLAAD’s most recent film report found no transgender characters in films released by the seven largest studios last year.

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Share your story

Netflix and GLAAD want people to share the moment they connected with a trans character or story they’ve seen.

They want people to share their own stories using the #FirstTimeISawMe hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

This year’s  #FirstTimeISawMe campaign follows on from the inaugural one last year with Black talent and influencers.

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