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10 tweets that sum up just how incredible Summer In The City was

Written by gaytourism

The Gender Identity panel at Summer In The City | Photo: GSN

The UK’s biggest and longest-running ‘Online Video Festival’ too place over the weekend.

Summer In The City celebrated it’s 10th birthday this year.

For the first couple of years, the event took place across several of London’s Royal Parks. Everyone then moved to different gig venues in the evening for music performances.

The event then moved to a small indoor venue called The Brewery, which saw 1,000 fans turn up to meet all their favorite YouTubers.

They moved again in 2013 to the impressive London venue Alexandra Palace. The capacity this time increased to 7,000.

Then in 2015 they moved to it’s current venue, London’s biggest exhibition centre, ExCel. The 100,00 square-foot space has a capacity of around 10,000 people.

This year’s event saw YouTubers appear on a variety of panels, including an LGBTQ+ Panel and a Gender Identity Panel. The Gender Identity panel had it’s debut at last year’s event.

The LGBTQ+ Panel was moderated by Jazza John, and featured MacDoesIt, Alex Bertie, Stevie Boebi, Riyadh Khalaf and The English Simmer.

Jake Edwards chaired the Gender Identity panel. Their guests were Charlie Martin, Roly UnGashaa, Steph Kyriacou and Danni van Loon.

The LGBT YouTube Community

The LGBT rep didn’t stop at those two panels though.

Calum McSwiggan and Roly appeared on a panel talking about Bullying and Harassment Online on the Saturday. Ellen Rose, Imogenation, Raya Was Here and Lana Summer made up the rest of the panel.

On Sunday, Calum returned to join friends Riyadh Khalaf and Stevie Boebi to talk about Sex Education. Joining them were Hannah Witton and Lucy Moon.

Saturday’s Music Panel featured bisexual icon and YouTube sweetheart dodie. West End performer Carrie Hope Fletcher, Leslie Wai and band New Hope Club also sat on the panel.

Connie Glynn identifies as bisexual and polyamorous. She appeared on the Saturday Writing Panel.

It isn’t a secret that Gary C loves Disney. Also on Saturday, this gay YouTuber appeared on the Fandom Content panel.

Those are just a few of the other LGBT YouTubers who could be found on panels across the week.

Some others who could be found were Ricky Dillon, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Elle Mills and many more.

And to finish the weekend…

The weekend closed with a set from dodie.

The Main Stage was packed out to hear her sing the songs so many people hold close to their hearts.

It’s fair to say many tears were shed (you could literally hear people sobbing during some songs).


How could we not include Dancing Hermione? She popped off twice – But one of her dances didn’t end too well.

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