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27 pictures showing how flaming hot Brighton Pride was this year

Written by gaytourism

It may have only peaked at 20°C - but the parade was HOT

It was WARM this year at Brighton Pride.

1. The heat was fierce, but this queen kept cool
The shade of it all.

2. So hot, this lot were ready for a dip

Swim’s up.

3. Even Lady Gaga was there…
lady gaga brighton pride
Or a VERY good impersonator.

4. There were rainbows everywhere. Even on shoulders.

Rainbows, Rainbows everywhere.

Solidarity forever

5. LGBT’s support the migrants showing their love for those around the world
international solidarity pakistan queer proud brighton pride
Show the whole world.

6. Trans and queer, pink and proud
Trans and Queer at Brighton Pride
We feel you.

7. The Green party were looking at America with their ‘Dump Trump’ stickers

Their ‘Ditch the DUP’ stickers were proving popular too.

Puppy power

8. This whole thing is beyond adorbs
Brighton Pride Puppy Cute Child
Sending our cute aggression into overload.

9. Stop waving, we can’t handle how CUTE this is
puppy in brighton pride

10. A whole other kind of Puppy
brighton prie puppy
Mask on.

11. Furry faced and walking with the vets

brighton pride vets

Toot toot

Turn on those sirens

12. All of the emergency services were represented
brighton pride paramedic relationship goals
Relationship goals.

13. On fire, and here to rescue you
Firefighters at Brighton Pride
Save us.

14. We caught you peeking
posing policeman brighton pride


police brighton pride


Brighton, you are beautiful

There was so much going on this year, but the parade was as ever – AMAZING.

16. We don’t know what this ‘Buff Builder’ was so fixated on
buff builders brighton pride
Maybe one of his buddies tool belts.

17. Love always wins
ace of spades cards brighton pride
Where’s the ace of spades?

18. Ride with pride
drag pride brighton
Little worried your friend might pull an UP with all those balloons though.

19. There was glitter, in SO many places
gold royalty brighton pride
Gold dust.

20. Your smile gave us all the feels
sexy black dressed up brighton
So many feels.

21. No arguments here
don't hate gyrate slogan
Or ‘twerk’ as the kids call it.

22. Walking with the YMCA. Such a classic.
ymca brighton pride
Daddy cool.

23. Those ears though
headgear and masks at brighton strong game
Dance on.

24. If only we had that balance

Ride on sister.

25. Mermaids by the seaside
mermaids mermen brighton pride
Why not free the nipple?

26. Adonis is one word for it 

Thirsty is another.
PS – we may have tweeted a shot of after these servers walked by too…

27. And don’t worry, we were all very well behaved

No trouble. PROMISE!

Happy Brighton Pride!

Did you stay overnight in Brighton this year? You’ll wish you stayed here instead.

Gay Star News is a media partner of Brighton Pride

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