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400 primary school students sing This Is Me and create rainbow sea

400 primary school students sing This Is Me and create rainbow sea

LGBT Youth Scotland present Downfield Primary School in Dundee with an award. | Photo: supplied

Students from a primary school in Scotland sung This Is Me and created a rainbow sea in two adorable videos.

Downfield Primary School in Dundee became the first school to receive LGBT Youth Scotland’s LGBT Charter award.

The award aims to celebrate schools or organizations who are making proactive strides towards LGBTI equality.

School kids say why LGBTI inclusivity is important

Downfield Primary School kids say why LGBTI inclusivity is important. | Photo: supplied

During a whole school assembly yesterday (18 June), LGBT Youth Scotland honored nine children who took a lead role in the review and development of the school’s policies.

Some of these children also have LGBTI family members at home.

During the assembly, over 400 kids in the school held up rainbow pieces of paper to make a rainbow flag.

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Fiona Ballie is the Depute Head at Downfield and is a key staff member for the school’s LGBT Charter work.

She remarked that the changes in the school reflected nothing less than a cultural shift.

Ballie shared her warm memories of having had the opportunity to deliver assemblies on LGBT History Month.

She also worked with LGBT Youth Scotland to ensure that every staff member in the School (including all non-teaching staff) received comprehensive LGBT awareness training.

This Is Me

As part of the assembly, there were choreographed dances from multiple age groups.

But the most heartwarming moment from the assembly came when the 400-kid crowd all got up and sung This Is Me from the hit-movie The Greatest Showman.

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The kids also sung The Downfield Primary Song.

Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland said: ‘Downfield is the first primary school to achieve the LGBT Charter, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and the creation of inclusive learning environments.

‘Downfield sends a strong message of inclusion to the entire school community, including pupils, parents, carers and staff.

‘LGBT Youth Scotland congratulates everyone at Downfield on this brilliant achievement,’ he said.

Downfield Primary School kids performing

Photo: supplied

Paul Clancy, Director of Education at Dundee City Council, and Councillor Gregor Fisher Murray, Convener of Education, attended the presentation and commended the staff team at Downfield.

Councillor Murray said: ‘To be the first in the entire country is an accolade that really demonstrates the hard work and commitment from all of the staff, and parents, and of course, the pupils.

‘It is a fantastic achievement and will improve the experience of all pupils,’ he said.

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