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7-year-old: ‘My mom’s are getting married and I’m so excited’

Written by gaytourism

Nicholas and his two mom’s Katherine and Roanne who are getting married in October. | Photo: Supplied

In November last year a  7-year-old marriage equality campaigner, Nicholas B Jorgensen, wrote a letter that went viral after Australians voted ‘yes’ to marriage equality. 

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Australia, his mom’s wedding preparations are well under way.

Nicholas can’t wait for the wedding and shared his thoughts with Gay Star News:

My moms are getting married and I’m so excited. It’s in October, which is a long time away.

I feel included because I’m part of the family. I’m giving my moms the rings and doing the music and things.

I like playing the music for everyone to dance to. I’m not going to dance because I’ll be busy doing the music.

If my moms or someone I know asked me dance, I’d dance with them. I’m not really sure about dancing with people I don’t know.

I’ve designed a cake. It’s a rainbow-spirally-with-Lego-people-on-top cake.

Nicholas 'epic' cake that he designed for his moms upcoming nuptials in Australia.

Nicholas ‘epic’ cake that he designed for his moms upcoming nuptials in Australia. | Photo: Supplied

The all-important ‘what to wear’ question

We need to choose someone to make it. Mommy and I looked on the Internet and we can’t decide because there are so many. We’ll have to just mix all the designs together.

I’m going to wear fancy clothes to the wedding. Like, not dirty or with paint on them. I want to wear shiny long pants and a golden shirt. I don’t want to wear a vest or a tie like MomMom.

MomMom should wear a tie, long pants, a silvery hat with glitter, and a shirt that is fancy looking. Yellow, maybe. Like her marriage equality shirt. Her vest is blue.

Mommy should wear a golden shirt with glitter on it with silver stars. She could wear that badge that she made for marriage equality. Shiny long pants are important and then she could wear a white shirt with stars on it.

I’m sad that the menu doesn’t have chips on it, but it does have soft drinks. I’m going to have Fanta. Then ginger beer.

Best boy’s speech

There are lots of people coming. I don’t know some of them. I’m kind of nervous, because even though Mommy and MomMom know them, I don’t know them.

I know that there has to be a celebrant. Their job is to stand up at the wedding and hold up the book and say, “Can I have the rings?” and I will give whoever is standing there the rings. She gives a speech.

When I give the celebrant the rings, Mommy and MomMom are married.

I want to give a speech, as a present to my moms. I’m nervous about doing it, because all those people will be looking at me.

I hope they have lots of happy tears in their eyes so that they really can’t see me.

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