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A lot of straight Eagles fans accidentally went to gay bar, called The Eagle, to watch the Super Bowl

Written by gaytourism

Eagles fans patron at Eagle Bolt bar in Minneapolis | Twitter

So you’re an Eagles fan and you’re  in the city hosting the Super Bowl, what better place than to go somewhere named The Eagle?

Well, it turns out that some straight sports fans made a minor mistake.

Philadelphia Eagles fans in Minneapolis descended onto the Eagle Bolt bar, thinking it was a bar for Eagles fans.

The Eagle Bolt bar is a gay leather bar.

Thankfully, it appeared to be showing the Super Bowl.

‘We were just walking around as we were looking for a bar,’ one patron told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

‘I said we’re stopping there, it says Eagle.’

Eagles fans stumble into gay bar to watch Super Bowl

As Cyd Zeigler at Out Sports noted: ‘You don’t have to be gay to watch the Super Bowl in a gay bar. Heck, you don’t have to be a football fan either.

‘You just have to be cool, and it sounds like a bunch of cool Eagles fans had the night of their lives in a gay bar called Eagle.’

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