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A picture of this gay couple at a wedding went hilariously wrong

Written by gaytourism

Twitter / @majtague

Mike T has reassured Twitter he’s not ‘usually totally hideous!’

Everyone goes into meltdown when there is a professional photographer at an event.

This tweet proves it’s for good reason too.

Mike T explained to Buzzfeed he was at a friend’s wedding when the incident took place.

He said: ‘Everything went really beautifully.’

We’re assuming this was until the picture happened.

The wedding’s professional photographer caught Mike T and his boyfriend off guard.

The following image is a result of that.

Mike tweeted the picture over the weekend after the bride sent it to him.

While his boyfriend, Andrew, looks great, something about Mike looks a little… off.

Mike told Buzzfeed him and Andrew ‘died laughing at it.’

He’s taken it in his stride though.

The tweet now has over 235,000 favorites and 57,000 retweets.

Mike asked his followers why he thinks the photographer hates him in a poll.

63% believed it was probably because of how attractive Andrew is. Mike agreed.

Mike said his boyfriend looked like ‘a snack’ while he was more like a ‘decaying vodka gummy bear.’

Apparently, a few photographers have told Mike ‘the wedding snapper definitely knew what she was doing.’

Mike believes that she just had a ‘really good sense of humor and figured it would be a funny shot to share.’

The GIF reactions have been amazing

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