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A woman allegedly hired a man to sexually assault a man who owed her money

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Officials say the crime is unusual | Photo: Unsplash/Sharon McCutcheon

A woman from St. Michael, Alaska is accused of hiring one man to sexually assault another man who owed the woman money.

The victim allegedly owed Julia Haworth, 30, $15,000 for alcohol and marijuana. She asked an acquaintance, Austin Matthias, 24, to assault the victim in April 2017.

According to documents from the Nome District Attorney’s office, Haworth asked Matthias to assault the victim in exchange for ‘a bottle’.

‘I’ve never seen or heard of a case like this before,’ said DA Tom Jamgochian. ‘It is unique.’

He added ‘contract’ sexual assaults like this one are highly unusual.

Details and future of the case

According to a witness, the assault happened in the victim’s home.

Haworth allegedly had Matthias and the victim get drunk. Then, she told Matthias: ‘Austin, I’m going to need you to rape [the victim].’

Matthias then said ‘sure’, according to the witness’ documented statement.

Prosecutors believe it is also possible that Matthias owed Haworth money. His ex-wife reportedly sent Haworth a check for $1,000.

The victim said the last thing he remembered was Matthias punching him in the face. He suffered a broken nose and more bodily trauma.

Last June, a grand jury indicted Matthias on two felony counts of first-degree sexual assault. They also indicted Haworth on a count of solicitation of sexual assault and first-degree sexual assault.

Both Matthias and Haworth are in jail at Anvil Mountain. The next hearing is 17 May.

H/t: Anchorage Daily News

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