Aaron Carter on his future family: ‘I’m going to be a good father’

Aaron Carter poses on Mulholland Drive in LA | Photo: Instagram/AaronCarter

Musical artist and early 2000s heartthrob Aaron Carter, who came out as bisexual last year, is thinking about his future family.

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Carter opened up about his hopes of starting a family one day.

‘I’m going to be a good father. I know it,’ he said. ‘I want lots of kids, lots of stability, lots of happiness and laughter and learning and having fun. It’s going to be good.’

Carter is especially excited to have daughters. ‘I want to have girls. Maybe it’s because of all my sisters and being a mama’s boy,’ he said.

The new album

Though Carter, 30, isn’t expecting to start his family any time soon, he did recently release his first album in 15 years, titled LøVë.

Many of the songs on the album were inspired by his ex-girlfriend, photographer Madison Parker. The couple split last year, and Carter soon entered a treatment facility to focus on his emotional and physical wellbeing.

‘This album is about going through not being quite broken up yet and toxic situations,’ Carter said. ‘You’re not being treated fairly and you want to get out of the situation but you can’t. Relationships are tough.’

On staying single

For now, Carter plans on remaining single.

‘I just don’t have the mental capacity for relationships right now,’ the singer explains. ‘I have a lot of other things I got to get in line and get in order in myself. If someone’s going to be with me, I’m going to want to be at my best. The next person I’m in a relationship with, I’m really going to grill them so hardcore.’

‘I looked forward to taking time to heal for myself, especially after last year and going to a treatment center,’ he said. ‘It’s really imperative that I make myself the main focus.’

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