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Aaron Carter says he sees himself ‘being with a woman and having kids’

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Aaron Carter poses on Mulholland Drive in LA | Photo: Instagram/AaronCarter

Aaron Carter says stories around his sexuality were ‘misconstrued’ in a new interview.

Aaron, who came out as bisexual after revealing a sexual experience he had with a man when he was 17, says that he wouldn’t look to date a man.

In August 2017 he told Twitter that he had ‘an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with.’

But Carter has since confirmed that he was merely ‘telling a story’.

Aaron Carter: ‘I think it was a little misconstrued’

Before and after pictures of Aaron Carter's recent weight gain

Aaron Carter recently gained weight after a stay in rehab | Photos: Instagram/AaronCarter

He previously said that he finds both men and women attractive – and backed up his statement in a podcast for Hollywood Life.

Speaking on Friday 23rd March, the noughties hitmaker addressed the issue said he’d never had a relationship with a man.

You can listen to him speaking on the topic from 19minutes in.

‘Yeah, no. It was more so just a story that happened when I was like 17 with somebody, and I can find men and women attractive, but when it comes down to it, I think it was a little misconstrued.

Going on, he said: ‘I see myself being with a woman and having kids. I want to have a family,’ he continued.

[I] keep telling people that. I don’t want it to be misconstrued too much just because I was open about a story.”

It follows an exclusive interview with People Magazine in February, where Carter opened up about his hopes of one day starting a family.

‘I’m going to be a good father. I know it,’ he said. ‘I want lots of kids, lots of stability, lots of happiness and laughter and learning and having fun. It’s going to be good.’

Carter is especially excited to have daughters. ‘I want to have girls. Maybe it’s because of all my sisters and being a mama’s boy,’ he said.

Though Carter, 30, isn’t expecting to start his family any time soon, he did recently release his first album in 15 years, titled LøVë.

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