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Adam Rippon shares body shaving tips with football star Danny Amendola in thirsty new ad

Written by gaytourism

Adam and Danny | Photo: YouTube/Wiki

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon teaches American football star Danny Amendola some body shaving tips in a new ad.

In the recently-released clip, the sports star lends his Nivea shaving stick to Danny in a locker room.

Adam of course won Bronze for Figure Skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Team Event earlier this year.

Danny Amendola, meanwhile, plays is a wide receiver in the National Football League for the Miami Dolphins.

In the ad, the guys bump into each other in the locker room – Danny after football practise, Adam after tango lessons.

Danny complains about having to shave his legs before taping up before a game, irritating his skin. Adam says ‘I shave it all’ and offers advice

The ad is only a taste of things to come for Adam fans. Last month, the star filmed his cameo appearance for Will & Grace alongside actor Matt Bomer.

‘Wow that acting was atrocious’

Comments on both guys’ Instagram accounts ranged from full of praise (and thirst) to embarrassment.

One said ‘best thing on the internet this week,’ while another countered: ‘Wow that acting was atrocious.’

Another added: this is painfully awkward and i love it.’

Another said: ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on pornhub somewhere…’ and ‘Helix Studios presents’

Of course, someone had to ruin the thirst/humor by saying something homophobic. One follower on Danny’s account wrote: ‘The other guy talks like a fag.’

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