Adam Rippon warns Trump: ‘The young people of America are watching and are acting’

Adam Rippon warns Mike Pence. | Photo: ABC News / YouTube

Adam Rippon just sent a powerful warning to the current US administration about the young people of America.

Rippon was in conversation with fellow gay winter Olympian Gus Kenworthy for Nightline ABC News.

During the seven-minute long interview, Kenworthy asks Rippon: ‘If the current [US] administration was watching this [interview] right now, what would you want to say to them?’

Rippon replied: ‘I would say that the young people of America are watching and are acting.’

When asked if he would welcome having a ‘sit-down’ with Vice President Mike Pence, Rippon said it’s not his place.

He continued: ‘I think that if we aren’t willing to listen to each other and have an open conversation, nothing will change and nothing will get done.

‘But on the flip side of that, the conversation is not for me. It’s a conversation for that trans man or woman that can’t even go to the right bathroom. It’s a conversation for that trans man or woman that can’t join the military. It’s a conversation for the muslim family that got broken up or had a mother or father travel and wasn’t allowed to come back in. And it’s an opportunity for them to have their stories told.

He then added: ‘I’m just using my platform for the best of my ability.’

Rippon went on to address the boycott he and Kenworthy participated in when they declined an invite to the White House.

He called for people to become vocal allies to underrepresented people in the media.

Watch the full interview:

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Adam Rippon: I gave myself the title of ‘America’s Sweetheart’

In the interview, Rippon reveals he actually dubbed himself ‘America’s Sweetheart’ before anyone else.

Kenworthy asked: ‘During the Olympics, you were dubbed America’s Sweetheart. Who gave you that nickname? Are you America’s Sweetheart? What have you done to live up to that title?’

‘Here’s the thing,’ Rippon replies, cocking his head a little as his hands fidget in his lap.

‘I gave myself that title.’

During the interview, they also address Rippon’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars: Athletes.

He tied for first in the season premiere episode last week.

The bronze medal figure skater said before his performance: ‘This experience – dancing in front of America – now that the opportunity has come about, it’s time to seize the moment.’

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