Adam Rippon’s stunning Dancing with the Stars performance is dedicated to his mom

Adam Rippon performing | Photo: YouTube/Dancing with the Stars

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon is continuing to dominate his latest stage, ABC’s reality competition show Dancing with the Stars.

In the first week, he came in first after slaying Sissy that Walk.

In his latest performance, he continued that winning streak with a performance that earned a score of 39 out of 40. And plenty of praise from the judges.

It was also an emotional week as he danced to the Coldplay song O and dedicated the performance to his mom. He also skated to this song during the Olympics.

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‘My MVP is my mom’

Rippon’s mom has never been far from his mom. He frequently talks about her on his Twitter account and she is outspoken with her support for him.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who’s as smart, selfless, and who is as kind as my mom,’ he says during rehearsals.

‘It’s hard when your mom is a single mother of six kids. My mom sacrificed a lot for me to get to the rink. She was working a lot because she was paying for my skating. She was tough as hell on me and she pushed me really hard, but she was always supportive.’

Rippon starts getting teary when he talks about coming out and his mom always telling him she loved him.

The woman in question, Kelly Rippon, also appears in the segment. She says there’s ‘so much to be proud of’ and that she’s grateful to be his mom.

Many think Rippon will take home the title in the series finale next week, when he faces off against NFL pleray Josh Norman and fellow skater Tonya Harding.

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