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Alabama Senate loser Roy Moore shares article about winner Doug Jones’ gay son

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Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate

Roy Moore, the ultra conservative Alabama Senate candidate who lost to Democrat Doug Jones during 12 December’s special election, is still not over his defeat.

In a post-election campaign video, Moore attacked the LGBTI community. And on Wednesday, 20 December, he shared an article from LGBTI site The Advocate about Jones’ gay son on Facebook.

The since-deleted post linked to a piece about Carson Jones, Doug Jones’ son, being ‘thrilled’ about his father’s win.

It is unclear why Moore shared this story. It was deleted without explanation.

Moore and the LGBTI community

Moore has a history of being vehemently anti-LGBTI. In 2005, Moore stated that ‘homosexual conduct’ should be illegal. After same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States in 2015, he said it would ‘literally cause the destruction of our country.’

How people responded

‘What is telling that Moore simply posting the interview with The Advocate without comment shows that he is too cowardly to now voice his homophobia toward Carson Jones direct,’ writes Tim Teeman for The Daily Beast. ‘He used to be so proud of opining that LGBT people were the root of so many evils, not least the allegations of sexual abuse that helped sink his campaign.’

‘Instead, creepily when it came to Carson Jones, he lets his homophobia flow by inference,’ Teeman continues.

‘Not only is Moore a bigot, he is one too frightened to now voice his homophobia. Still intent on expressing it, however, he posts an interview given by his opponent’s gay son, and sits back, rubbing his hands waiting for the LGBT-haters to come to his online party.’

While some of Moore’s audience jumped on board to attack the LGBTI community, others stated that he shouldn’t be pointing fingers, seeing as his own son was arrested nine times.

‘Hey Roy,’ one commenter wrote. ‘Instead of casting your stones at other people’s sons, maybe you should try to get help for your own, before he gets arrested for the TENTH time. It doesn’t get more cynical and nasty than attacking someone else’s kid just because you lost an election. Jerk.’

Even those who supported Moore during the campaign found the post to be in bad taste.

‘I supported you during the campaign. I defended you in discussions with friends and family,’ another commenter said. ‘But I have to tell you, this is a cheap shot. It is unbecoming of a senatorial candidate to attack the family of your political opponent in my opinion. Just concede and go away. The Alabama GOP will just have to nominate a better candidate for 2020.’

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