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Alexa Chung: ‘I’m long overdue losing my lesbian virginity’

Written by gaytourism

Alexa Chung has revealed she is open to dating a member of the same sex.

Speaking to Porter magazine, the fashion icon said: ‘I’m long overdue losing my lesbian virginity.’

The TV presenter furthermore added: ‘I just think it’s super old-fashioned to expect anything from anyone. I think everyone is on a spectrum of whatever they prefer.’

She added she ‘would never discount the idea that I could have a relationship with a woman at some point. I haven’t been sexually attracted to one yet.’

Alexa’s ex-boyfriend is Big Little Lies actor Alexander Skarsgard. The pair split last year after two years of dating.

She also previously dated Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

‘It’s a really crappy anti-feminist sentiment’

The star also told the publication that she is currently dating several people.

On the subject of marriage, Alexa furthermore said: ‘I don’t subscribe to the fact that you need one man to be happy. I think it’s a really crappy anti-feminist sentiment.’

She added: ‘I just don’t get why marriage is different from non-marriage – I just don’t get it.’