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Amazon’s new show Jack Ryan uses transphobic slur and people are mad

Written by gaytourism

John Krasinksi as Jack Ryan. | Photo: Facebook

A hugely anticipated new show on Amazon Prime has come under fire for using a transphobic slur just hours after its release.

Starring The Office’s (US) John Krasinki, Jack Ryan, tells the story of said CIA analyst. Ryan tracks a group of potential terrorists who they believe to be the ‘next Osama Bin Laden’.

The hunt for the terrorists is seen from many different perspectives including that of soldier Victor Polizzi. The soldier has become disillusioned with his role as missile launcher for US drones.

After a drunken night where he ends up assaulted and with a black eye, his colleague turns to ask him about it.

‘Did you accidentally pick up another tranny on Fremont St?’ his colleague asks. To which Polizzi replies with an adamant ‘no’.

Transphobia is never ok

The outcry came quickly on social media. Many Twitter users pointed out the offensive comment came just a day after two more trans women were murdered in the US. So far, 18 trans women have been murdered in 2018, 13 of which are women of color.

‘When we trivialize the violence trans women face, both in our language and in dismissing the realities of hate and pick up violence, we contribute to, and perpetuate, that violence,’ wrote Eliel Cruz on Twitter.

Cruz is the communication director of the Anti Violence Project which provides support to LGBTI and HIV communities when faced with violence. Cruz had just finished writing a memoriam to the two murdered women when he saw the episode.

‘This shit is repulsive @jackryanamazon. Trans women die from pick up violence. This isn’t funny. This is real life,’ Cruz wrote.

Many people agreed and took to Twitter to show their disgust, with some vowing to either not watch the show or cancel their Amazon Prime subscription altogether.

Here are some of their reactions:

Gay Star News has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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