Analyst ForwardKeys recruits for senior travel retail role amid expansion drive

SPAIN/INTERNATIONAL. ForwardKeys – which provides traveller insights to duty free retailers, hotels, tourism boards and other travel-related businesses – is recruiting for a key travel retail-related role.

The expanding data analyst company is seeking to add to its 60-strong team with a VP of Business Development for Travel Retail. The company said it is on the hunt for a senior executive who thrives on forming new alliances, converting partnerships into meaningful business, and possesses strong communication skills to liaise with new and existing travel retail clients from all around the world.

The sales and business development role will require product ownership of ForwardKeys’ travel retail portfolio, development, and support. This will include technical product demos to prospective clients; articulating the market needs to the company’s data scientists and IT team for product enhancement or innovation; and seeking cross-marketing opportunities.

The new recruits will join ForwardKeys’ expanding team of executives, data analysts and support staff

Although a home-based role, the successful candidate – who should ideally have a BA in Commerce – will be required to attend global conferences as required and make occasional visits for briefings at ForwardKeys’ Valencia headquarters.

In addition, ForwardKeys is looking for a sales professional with over ten years’ experience and a BA in Business Management to become its Vice President of Customer Success to champion the company’s newly-formed division of the same name.

“Our industry needs better travel data analytics, more than ever before” – ForwardKeys Chief Commercial Officer Laurens Van den Oever

The role is focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service, customer retention and upselling opportunities to existing and new clients.

ForwardKeys Chief Commercial Officer Laurens Van den Oever said the new recruits will be joining a group of professionals that have a big role to play in getting the travel industry moving again.

Laurens Van den Oever: “The pandemic has accelerated the need to apply fact-based decision-making back into the game”

He continued: “Our industry needs better travel data analytics, more than ever before. COVID-19 required the utmost from our staff, tough decisions were made and there has been lots of creativity. As a company, we’ve been in a privileged situation that allows us to grow our business and find the talent that can help us to achieve our long-term ambitions.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need to apply fact-based decision-making back into the game. Brands and retailers increasingly rely on the ability to look ahead in time and react accordingly to what’s coming. That’s a pretty complex nut to crack.

“Our clients increasingly demand integrated understandings on how to assess market opportunities. As such our strategy is to add as many relevant data points as possible and let them speak altogether. The sentiment, travel intent, spending patterns, forecasts, location-based nationality mix. These are just a few of the areas where we are working on for the short and medium term as new solutions for the travel retail industry.”

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Global Recovery Dashboard

The Moodie Davitt Report has partnered with ForwardKeys to bring the travel analytics company’s Global Recovery Dashboard and other services to an expanded audience via our market-leading website.

Through the initiative, we will provide regular data and insight on travel patterns in domestic and international markets during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Global Recovery Dashboard is ForwardKeys’ latest travel analytics solution, powered by proprietary forward travel bookings data and updated in real time. The latest highlights are available below and will feature regularly in our online content.

Enquiries about the Global Recovery Dashboard are welcome via the form below.

Information on the ForwardKeys Travellers Statistics Dashboard and Chinese Shopper Statistics are also available through The Moodie Davitt Report. The Traveller Statistics Dashboard pools data from a network of 552 airports to provide passenger traffic figures and nationality mix. The Chinese Shopper Statistics tool provides details on the Chinese duty free shopper in Hainan with rich details on their spend and profile. More below.

  • The Global Recovery Dashboard provides weekly updates on flight bookings and seat capacity at one click. Learn more at this link
  • Traveller Statistics: Monitor the nationality mixes and traveller profiles at over 500 airports worldwide with Traveller Statistics. Learn more here
  • Chinese Shopper Tracker: Observe the evolution of the Chinese consumer and their shopping habits at duty free stores in China and beyond using China spend data exclusive to ForwardKeys. Learn more here

For more information about ForwardKeys and its travel analytics tools, please contact The Moodie Davitt Report Senior Retail and Commercial Analyst Min Yong Jung at

ForwardKeys Actual Air Tickets Report

ForwardKeys Seat Capacity Report


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