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Andy Cohen reveals he keeps getting banned from Grindr

Written by gaytourism

What would you do if you saw Cohen on Grindr? | Photo: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Andy Cohen stopped by The Ellen Show recently to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about dating and more. He also played his own game, Plead the Fifth.

DeGeneres dove straight into the personal questions, asking Cohen if he’s on any dating apps — especially now that he’s single.

‘I’m on Tinder,’ the fellow host confirmed.

However, there’s one app that keeps escaping his grasp: Grindr. And the reason is… a little absurd.

‘There is a gay dating app that I’m on [cough…Grindr…cough] that I keep getting kicked off of because they think I’m impersonating “Andy Cohen”, and they’re like, ‘Your photos don’t meet our guidelines,’ and I keep trying to [say] “No! It is me!”‘

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Then DeGeneres points out a problem with his explanation.

‘But see, now by doing that,’ she said. ‘Anyone watching is going to try [to use your photos] because now you’ve given them that idea.’


Regardless, it’s a funny situation if also understandably frustrating for Cohen as well.

Plead the fifth?

On Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen occasionally plays a game called Plead the Fifth with his guests.

In the game, he asks the guest three personal questions. They can plead the fifth and refuse to answer only one.

DeGeneres flipped the script and made him answer the questions this time. And he was a good sport.

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For the first question, DeGeneres asked if Cohen’s slept with any guests after the show.

Cohen immediately gave his answer away when he responded: ‘Do bartenders count?’

So, no, he hasn’t slept with any guests, but he has slept with ‘a couple’ of the show’s bartenders.

He also answered the second question, when he revealed both Reese Witherspoon and Nicki Minaj didn’t love playing Plead the Fifth on his own show.

With the third and final question, he finally pled the fifth.

DeGeneres asked Cohen: ‘What’s the meanest thing a celebrity has ever said about you?’

Cohen revealed there’s one celeb who constantly calls him by the wrong name on purpose, but he pled the fifth on their name.

However, we know it’s a woman in TV, hovering around 40… Any guesses?

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