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Another beloved LGBTI venue abruptly closes in London

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The club celebrating Pride this year | Photo: Facebook/Her Upstairs

Yet another LGBTI venue in London is abruptly closing.

Her Upstairs, the queer cabaret, made a Facebook post on Wednesday (8 August) announcing the closure. It advertised itself as ‘open and camp as Christmas every day’.

‘It is with great sadness that as of today Her Upstairs is no longer open for business at 18 Kentish Town Road,’ they wrote. It is unclear why the space had to close and the post reveals they cannot explain further for ‘legal reasons’.

Her Upstairs' FB post

Her Upstairs’ FB post | Photo: Facebook/Her Upstairs

‘We regret that we have had to do this so abruptly and without giving our incredible community a chance to say goodbye to the space,’ the post continues.

‘Our queer spaces are so vital, but it’s the people, not the bricks and mortar that make the space. We may be lacking in a physical space but we feel each and everyone of our family with us no matter where we go.

‘This is a goodbye for the present but not a farewell.’

The post ends with a ‘see you real soon’ note and a video clip of Cher in Burlesque singing the number You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me.

A hard loss…

Comments poured in on the post, with many people expressing their shock and sadness at the news.

FB Comments

FB Comments | Photo: Facebook/Her Upstairs

It is, however, heartening to see the outpouring of support for Her Upstairs. It makes it clear why venues like this one are so vital for the community.

More supportive comments

More supportive comments | Photo: Facebook/Her Upstairs

… And a worrying trend

In recent years, several LGBTI venues have been closing in London.

The Queen’s Head in Chelsea, one of the city’s oldest gay bars, closed in 2016. Another one, the Shadow Lounge, located in Soho, closed the same year.

Not long after, both Fabric and Kazbar also ceased their operations.

The following year, another bar, Molly Moggs, was set to close before being miraculously saved by London Night Czar Amy Lamé. It re-opened as The Compton Cross.

Fortunately, there are still ongoing efforts to save various bars and open new ones.

A new 750-capacity gay bar announced its opening in March, while another new dance club is opening on 18 August with LGBTI DJs.

GSN reached out to Her Upstairs for further comment.

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