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Anti-gay Baptist pastor resigns after admitting ‘morally inappropriate relationship’

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Frank Pae has resigned from SBC as he feels ‘ashamed’ of his ‘morally inappropriate relationship’ (Picture: Baptist Press)

A pastor for the Southern Baptist Convention in the US has resigned after admitting to a ‘morally inappropriate’ relationship.

SBC leader Frank Page, 65, who president and chief executive of the church, was known for his anti-gay stance.

Page first announced on Monday that he would be retiring.

But the following day he said he was resigning due to a personal failing on Tuesday (27 March).

He claims he kept the reason for his sudden retirement quiet because he wanted to protect his family.

Baptist pastor has ’embarrassed my family, my Lord, myself’

However, Page released a statement to the SBC’s own newspaper, the Baptist Press.

‘As a result of a personal failing, I have embarrassed my family, my Lord, myself, and the Kingdom.

‘Out of a desire to protect my family and those I have hurt, I initially announced my retirement earlier today without a complete explanation.

‘However, after further wrestling with my personal indiscretion, it became apparent that this situation must be acknowledged in a more forthright manner.

‘It is my most earnest desire in the days to come to rebuild the fabric of trust with my wife and daughters, those who know me best and love me most.’

The anti-gay Pastor is hoping to rebuild the trust of his wife and two daughters.

However, specific details about the ‘morally inappropriate’ relationship have not been released.

SBC: America’s largest conservative evangelical church

The SBC is America’s largest conservative evangelical church counting 15.22 million people and founded in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia.

In the past, Page has been vocal about his views that only heterosexual partnerships between men and women should exist.

LGBT people are not allowed into Southern Baptist congregations unless they ‘repent’ of the sin of homosexuality.

In 2014, when media began claiming that the organization had softened it’s stance on homosexuality, following a seminar titled ‘The Gospel, Homosexuality and The Future Of Marriage’, Page wrote an opinion column for SBC Life, saying:

‘The ERLC conference demonstrated that while the ways in which we as Southern Baptists engage the culture may change as culture itself changes.

‘Our fundamental commitment to ethics in regard to human sexuality has not, and will not, change.’

In 2015, an open letter was signed by Page, which said:

‘The SBC does not accept, nor adhere to, any legal redefinition of marriage issued by any political or judicial body, including the United States Supreme Court.’

The church has since stated that it is moving forward with the times.

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