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As one gay bar closes, work is underway for another

Written by gaytourism

Purr was busy on its last night open (19 July)

As one gay bar in Seattle, Washington closes, another comes in to fill it’s place.

Purr Cocktail Bar closed mid July after being unable to afford the rising rent cost.

The bar’s staff and regulars were sad to see it go. It had been there for 12 years.

It will be moving from busy Capitol Hill to the slightly quieter Montlake.

Signs went up promising a new venue less than a month after the old one closed. Signs on the doors say ‘queer / bar, Fall 2017’.

It’s unclear as to whether queer / bar is the name of the new location or merely a signifier to let people know the venue will remain an LGBTI space.

An inclusive space for the LGBTQIA community

According to the local news, the bar ‘intends to be more than simply a place to grab a drink, fostering an inclusive space for the LGBTQIA community with a team and clientele that reflect the diversity of the city.’

A release explained the new bar will host a ‘wide variety of events day and night: a chef series showcasing the talent of LGBTQIA chefs; a discussion series for queer-focused issues in politics, activism, and community-driven forums; bingo; dance nights; art performances like drag shows; a nightclub; and a restaurant serving dinner and brunch.’

The new owner is Joey Burgess. He is already the director of operations for other establishments in the area.

He has been ‘planning this venture for 12 years’ and is excited to finally start it.

His husband, designer Murf Hall, will design and decorate the space.