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Atlanta actor Lakeith Stanfield posts homophobic rap on Instagram

Written by gaytourism

Stanfield giving an interview | Photo: YouTube/Film Courage

Actor Lakeith Stanfield, known for his roles in movies like Get Out and the FX series Atlanta, posted a video of himself rapping on Instagram. Many immediately took notice of the rap’s use of homophobic and gendered slurs.

Stanfield deleted the video, but not before someone re-uploaded it to Twitter.

Twitter user @_BayBey posted it on Friday (22 June) night.

‘So @lakeithlakeith from @AtlantaFX && @Sorry2BotherYou Though [sic] this “freestyle” (that you can clearly see him looking down & reading) was appropriate?!’ they wrote. ‘Lol ppl are truly Homophobic weirdos Lakeith Stanfield sis you played yourself.’

Some of the lines in the rap include ‘that’s some gay shit’, ‘fag’, and ‘all these gay n*ggas mad’.

The re-posted video also shows the original Instagram post. The caption read: ‘Offensive freestyle (not for the easily offended).’

@_BayBey continued the tweets.

The user implied it had to do with Stanfield’s upcoming movie, Sorry to Bother You, and an alleged lack of buzz.

‘Another one bites the dust’

People have taken to Twitter to express their criticism of and disappointment in Stanfield.

Many said they were ‘rooting’ for him and that they had ‘fake woke vibes’.

Others don’t want Stanfield’s post to ruin their excitement for Sorry to Bother You and the rest of the film’s cast and crew.

Another user, @A_B_Allen, tweeted about the lack of intersectionality among ‘woke’ people.

‘90% of the time “woke” people only care about being “woke” along the axis that personally affects them,’ they wrote. ‘They’re totally ready and willing [to] throw other marginalized people under the bus.’

They continued, discussing the lack of support for trans people or TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminism) among white feminists.

Stanfield has not responded to the criticisms. Sorry to Bother You comes out on 6 July.

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