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Bangkok’s Gay Go-Go Bars

Is Their Death-Knell Finally Tolling?
Perhaps it’s not really so surprising. When Bangkok’s gay scene began to explode in the 1980s, about the only international gay guide with Asian listings in that pre-internet age was Spartacus. Never the most accurate and over-large to carry around, it at least provided some decent basic information.
Soi Twilight Last Year
So the relative trickle of visitors to gay Bangkok could sample the delights on display, often fully nude, of the original sleaze bar, Twilight, on what has since become known as Soi Twilight at the top of Suriwong Road at its junction with Rama 4. The small Apollo go-go Bar on Silom Soi 4 was up and running years before Telephone and Balcony started wooing punters just for drinks, snacks and a hint of a meat market in the same soi. The boys in both Twilight and Apollo would take off tier underwear soon after 9:00pm and dance naked.
The first casualty has been the ever-popular Dick’s Cafe in the middle of the soi which closed its doors after many regulars attended a last light ‘celebration’ on May 5th. There is no news yet if it will move to a new location.
The Ever Popular Telephone Bar –

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