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BBC Presenter Evan Davis headlines night for LGBTI homeless charity

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Evan Davis at a live recording of National Student Pride’s podcast #QueerAF in 2018 | National Student Pride

BBC Broadcaster Evan Davis will be headlining an evening raising money for LGBTI homelessness.

He’ll be joining the National Student Pride podcast #QueerAF on the evening of April 26. The live podcast evening is in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust charity.

MTV host James Barr and radio DJ Dan Hudsons, ‘A Gay and A Non-Gay’ podcast will also be recording a special live episode with guests from UK Black Pride.

‘Pride is a beautiful important way of sharing our LGBTQ+ journey with our friends, family and all of the NonGays of the world – it brings us all together,’ James Barr tells GSN.

‘It shines a light out for people living in places where it’s scarier to be gay. It’s what our podcast is all about, we’re breaking down barriers, pre-conceptions, having difficult conversations and showing the world that whether you’re into Bruce Springsteen or Britney, Gays, and Non-Gays can be friends!

Though you’ll be able to attend the live podcast event ‘A Rendezvous With’ in person, it’s all going to be live-streamed as part of Digital Pride, the Gay Star News online pride festival.

Alex Ingram is an entrepreneur who runs Rendezvous Events, he says:

‘I’m extremely excited to be partnering with the Digital Pride festival so that our event can have a truly global reach.

‘It will allow the LGBTI stories we’ll be focusing on to reach to corners of the world where there isn’t yet pride festivals. As well as corners of London, and all over the UK, where perhaps a young person doesn’t feel able to attend a pride themselves.’

Held on April 26 the live evening will begin at 6:30 pm GMT, at Vanilla London – Buy your tickets now.

You can watch the podcasts being recorded live on GSN’s Facebook at 7 pm GMT.

#QueerAF – By National Student Pride

Guest on April 26: BBC Newsnight and Dragons Den presenter, Evan Davis

It’s the queer, intersectional, storytelling podcast from National Student Pride. It was born out of keeping their pride festival, focused on panels and conversation rather than a parade, alive all year round.

This podcast tells stories that are beyond the binary, sex-positive and in their words ‘with unicorns spewing rainbows everywhere.’

Recent episodes have explored chemsex, being non-binary and living life as a queer Muslim sex worker.

If we were to pick out one episode you should absolutely catch up on; it would be episode six of season two. It follows Sean, a young gay guy who suffers from internalized homophobia. He is perfectly OK with his sexuality, but keeps asking why the LGBT community has to be ‘so queer.’

He goes on a journey to find out if it’s possible to overcome your shame of being gay – and learns why he has, until now, projected his own homophobia onto others.

Listen now, or subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

A Gay and a Non Gay – By James Barr and Dan Hudson

Guest on April 26: UK Black Pride representative

These best friends have everything, and nothing in common.

James Barr loves Britney while Dan Hudson is more Bruce Springsteen. And yet, in a time where we’re all threatened by a rhetoric of hate from the people in power; this ‘Gay And A NonGay’ challenges many of our differences head on.

The podcast is long-running and has recently been nominated for a British Podcast Award for the second year running.

They’ve covered PREP, dating and being LGBTI and homeless.

If you were going to listen to one episode, we’d point you to their special episode with author Juno Roche. It came out on International Transgender Day of Visibility. They chat about the absolute STATE of the press witch hunt against trans people. And leaning on Juno’s books, they also discuss being an ally and her sex-life since transitioning.

Listen now, or subscribe on iTunes, or your favorite podcast app.

Who are the Albert Kennedy Trust?

AKT is the national LGBTI youth homelessness charity in the UK. They provide safe homes, mentoring, training, advocacy and support to young people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. Many of these young people have faced abuse and rejection just for being brave enough to come out to their family and loved ones.

Homelessness remains a significant issue in the UK, with 24% of homeless youth identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans. Last year AKT’s supporters enabled them to provide a total of 6075 nights of safe and supportive accommodation across London, Manchester, and Newcastle.

AKT believes that no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are. Money raised from this event will help them reach more young people who need them.

To find out more, please visit

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