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Billie Jean King calls for Margaret Court Arena to be renamed

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Billie Jean King has called for Margaret Court Arena to be renamed.

King is a world champion tennis player.

She said: ‘I personally don’t think she should have her name on the stadium anymore.’

King added she was originally in favor of having the arena named after Court in 2003 in recognition of her contribution to tennis.

Court amassed a total of 64 major titles over the course of her career.

She became the second woman to complete the Grand Slam in 1970.

Court has lately come under fire however for comments about the LGBTI community.

She described her old sport as being ‘full of lesbians.’

The ex-tennis player is now a Christian pastor.

She told Vision Christian Radio that trans children are ‘the work of the devil.’

The 75-year-old also said ‘a couple’ of lesbians during her time playing tennis ‘took young ones into parties.’

The pastor pledged to help gay people ‘overcome’ their sexuality.

She spoke out against Australian airline Qantas due to its support for gay marriage and said she would avoid using it where possible.

‘Deep in my heart and soul’

Billie Jean King explained: ‘I was fine until lately when she said so many derogatory things about my community — I’m a gay woman — about the LBGTIQ community. That really went deep in my heart and soul.’

King added if she was still competing, she would not play on Margaret Court Arena.

While she would not promote a boycott of the stadium, she encouraged players to ‘seek their own heart and mind.’

The controversy comes as the Australian Open’s begin.

King said she would be happy to have a conversation with Court regarding her opinions on the community.

She said: ‘You can have discussion around it. I would be very welcome to Margaret.

‘It’s really important if you’re going to have your name on anything that you’re hospitable, you’re inclusive, you open your arms to everyone that comes. It’s a public facility.’

Court likened gay rights activists to Hitler last year.

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