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Bisexual rapper Azealia Banks says she was ‘roofied and raped’

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Azealia Banks. | Photo: Facebook/Azealia Banks

Bisexual New York rapper Azealia Banks took to Instagram to tell her followers she had been ‘roofied and raped’ in a series of now deleted posts.

Banks cried through a series of voice messages she posted to her Instagram story where she claimed she a man pressured her into sex. Banks has since deleted the posts but one fan managed to record them and loaded them onto YouTube.

‘Lowkey just got raped. I feel like dirt,’ she said tearfully.

The alleged sexual assault came just days after Banks said a man had slapped her in the face at a bar.

‘I just feel so dirty and stupid right now, you know? We were just hanging out and one thing led to another,’ she said.

‘I just feel really dumb, because it was partially my fault… I’m just like sitting here like feeling fucking low and shit… I just want to fucking disappear right now.’

‘You don’t really realise it like this rape shit. ‘Men can just prey on you and fucking like badger you, force you to say yes… to the point where you feel like you gave consent but you didn’t give shit.

‘You never wanted to do shit… someone really just got the fucking best of me.’

She later took to Instagram to assure her fans that she was doing ok and you couldn’t ‘keep an elephant down’. But described the after effects of the alleged ‘roofies’ as being the worst she’s ever felt.

Banks promised she would be hitting the stage on Sunday night to go ahead with her scheduled show as planned.

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Azealia Banks

Controversy has dogged the 26-year-old’s career since her 2011 breakout hit, 212.

People labelled Banks as homophobic and racist after several public outbursts where she used the term ‘faggot’ in a derogatory way. She referred to blogger Perez Hilton and pop star Zayn Malik as ‘faggots’ on seperate occasions. Banks also came under fire for hurling the slur at a flight attendant in 2015.

Banks has defended her use of the term not only because of her bisexuality but because gay men get a pass to call women ‘bitches’.

‘Why is it okay… for a gay man to colloquially use the word “bitch” to refer to women, but is it not okay for me to colloquially use the word “faggot” to refer to myself or an opponent? Do gay men get a special pass to say misogynist things simply because they like dick?’ she said in 2015.

‘The argument is that countless gay kids hear the word “faggot” before they are beat to death… But do you know how many women hear the word “bitch” before their husbands beat them to death? Before they are murdered/raped…?’

But the star who recently signed a $1million record contract has apologized for using the slurs and detailed her mental health issues.

‘Ok, i’m never saying the word F****T ever again. The amount of people that get hurt when i use the word vs. the amount of people i’ve said it to are just not worth it,’ she wrote in 2016.

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