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Blind Date hosts first ever drag queen episode and some viewers aren’t happy

Written by gaytourism

Channel 5’s Blind Date show just hosted its first ever episode featuring drag queen contestants.

Airing last night (28 July) in the UK, the episode featured drag queens Shyanne O’SheaTrampagne and Anna Phylactic.

The show’s format sees one single person meet three eligible dates, while they ask them questions without seeing what they look like.

And it looked single guy Luke had no idea what he signed himself up for.

Host Paul O’Grady introduces the segment: ‘In all the years of this show, I don’t think you’ve ever seen a lineup like this now.’

He continues: ‘I feel so underdressed with you three, it’s unbearable.’

O’Grady then goes backstage to put on a leopard print robe.

The hilarious segment continues with puns packed full of every contestant’s answers and even a little rap from Trampagne.

Viewers respond to drag queen Blind Date

For the most part, fans praised the episode for how hilarious it was.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘There are Drag Queens on Blind Date right now! Amazing!’

Another tweeted: ‘loving the drag queens!!!! Like that blind date is more risqué than the original series’

But not everyone was happy.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘You say you was (sic) a good freind (sic) of Cilla Black you should be ashamed of yourself as you are making a complete and utter mockery of her show blind date. I watched it tonight and you have drag queens looking for love the poor woman must be turning in her grave. Shame on you.’

Another commented: ‘Just happened to flick it round to channel 5 and Blind date… they now have drag queens and all on it #wonderwhatcillawouldthink.’

But which contestant does Luke choose?

Watch the hilarious full episode on the Channel 5 website.

Cilla Black originally hosted Blind Date but she sadly passed away in 2015 before the reboot of the show.

During one of its first episodes back last year, the show featured its first ever LGBTI contestants.

Host Paul O’Grady also used to be a drag queen under the name Lily Savage. O’Grady, who identifies as gay, married his longterm partner last year in a private ceremony.

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