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Brooklyn Nine-Nine to make a #MeToo episode after Terry Crews reveals sexual assault

Written by gaytourism

Terry Crews. Photo: Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia Commons

Beloved sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, might make an episode about the #MeToo movement in its upcoming sixth season.

The sitcom based in a Brooklyn police station may tackle the issue after actor Terry Crews revealed he was sexually assaulted by a male Hollywood executive.

Crews revealed the sexual assault last year. Crews’ story was one of many in the #MeToo movement. The movement gave voice to men and women – mainly in the entertainment industry – to reveal their experience of sexual assault at the hands of people in power. #MeToo started after more than 100 women revealed former Hollywood power producer, Harvey Weinstein, had sexaully assaulted them.

The show’s executive producer, Dan Goor, told a Television Critics Association’s press tour that the sixth season will continue to tackle  ‘more topical, issue-oriented episodes’.

In past seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has tackled serious topics including LGBTI issues. The fifth season of the show explored character, Rosa Diaz’s bisexuality and coming out to her parents.

Goor admitted the socially conscious shows are ‘really, really hard to do. We want them to feel funny but also give weight to the issue and explore it in a fair way.’

‘We intend to continue going down the road of Stephanie [Beatriz’s] Rosa’s interactions with her parents and her journey of coming out,’ he said.

‘There are other issues. I don’t want to say we’re going to do it because unless we can actually figure it out — I can’t make a promise — but we’re really interested in trying to do a MeToo storyline. It’s something we’re actively talking about in the writers’ room.’

Summer of freedom

Crews said the grow of the #MeToo movement has been very liberating for victims of sexual assault.

‘I like to call it the summer of freedom,’ Crews said during the press tour.

‘We can now tell our truth.’

Crews has been a vocal supporter of the movement and even testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee about his experience.

His entire Brooklyn Nine-Nine colleagues have supported him since he went public about the assault. Crews revealed he told them about the day before he posted on Twitter about it.

‘Feeling safe and having friends and family on [the show], I felt secure enough I could tell my truth and still go to work,’ Crews said.

‘[They] gave me the strength, along with all of the women who came forward in the #MeToo movement.’

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