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Cher still hasn’t seen Mamma Mia! all the way through yet – here’s why

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Can we please talk about how amazing Cher’s hair is | Photo: Twitter/cher

Cher has admitted she’s ‘didn’t really see’ her new movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

In a new interview with Attitude, she says: ‘I didn’t really see the whole movie because I’m not quite ready. And I will see it at some point. I don’t really love seeing my movies right away.’

The star attributes looking youthful in the sequel to 2006’s Mamma Mia! to: ‘Make-up. Five pounds of make-up.’

‘Also the director really liked me,’ added the Believe singer. ‘I think he took extra special care to light me.’

Cher on the new cover of Attitude | Photo: Machado Cicala

‘I don’t remember doing anything memorable’

Cher’s words about avoiding the ABBA-inspired jukebox musical echo her recent comments to the New York Times.

After being told she ‘stole the movie’, she replied: ‘I haven’t seen it. But can I tell you, I don’t remember doing anything memorable, except singing “Fernando.”’

In July, Cher admitted she was ‘terrified‘ to join the film, which was met with highly positive reviews.

’Because everyone had been together,’ she explained. ‘And also, my character wasn’t very liked! By anybody! So, I was really nervous.’

‘But everyone was so nice to me,’ she furthermore continued. ‘And Meryl [Streep] was behind a piece of scenery watching me do my number, so that made me feel good after the fact, because I didn’t know it!

‘It was hard to go on set where you’re a stranger to everyone. I knew some of the people, but to have such a “mean grandmother” thing and then work your way into the story and be friends with everybody… but I felt really kind of loved and kind of a great grandmother!’

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