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Chris Crocker announces social media break to avoid nasty comments

Written by gaytourism

Chris Crocker (Photo: Chris Crocker | Facebook)

Chris Crocker – the Britney Spears fan who shot to fame 11 years ago with his ‘Leave Britney alone!’ video – has announced he is withdrawing from social media. At least temporarily.

The reason? Nasty comments from other social media users about his music.

The internet celebrity shot to fame in 2007 with his Britney video, which he followed with up with further YouTube offerings. He’s since taken a brief, career detour into porn, but has spent much of his time over recent years working on writing and recording songs.

After releasing a handful of tracks over the last ten years, this week he dropped his debut, self-titled album to iTunes.

‘I hope you take the time to give it a chance’

Posting on Facebook, he said on its release: ‘I know what most of you are thinking. “You sing?” I am a songwriter. I spent a year of my life writing every word of this album.

‘Music is the one place I don’t have to worry about “putting on a show for people” and just be myself. I wrote about everything from my issues with drinking, to falling in love with someone who does not love me. It’s inspired by the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s in music when it was about the lyrics and not the beat. I hope you take the time to give it a chance.’

The album has received plenty of positive comments from fans. However, he’s clearly also come across some negative comments. Today he posted a message saying the following.

‘I’m way too sensitive to be reading reviews about something so close to my heart’

‘I spent a year of my life pouring my heart into my album. I spent all of my savings $ on it. I wrote every word.

‘I’m way too sensitive to be reading reviews about something so close to my heart. Part of putting yourself out there is being able to handle negativity. Even from people who didn’t even listen to it.

‘I can handle negative comments on my comedy because comedy isn’t my heart. It isn’t even fun for me. It’s forced and something I only did because I thought that’s what people wanted from me. Songwriting is who I actually am. So no, I can’t handle reading negativity towards that.

‘I never hid the fact I have issues related to anxiety and depression.

‘So for now I’m going to take a break and let the music speak for itself. Because I’m way to close to the songs to read criticism. Thank you to those who do support.’

Many fans have wished him well and urged him to take care of himself.

‘As someone who also suffers from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and PTSD I understand it can get hard,’ said Facebook user Ashley Batchelor.

‘You are such a wonderful talent and role model. Please know you are worthy and loved. Will miss you from social media but know your well being is first and foremost the most important thing.’

Despite Crocker’s comments about dealing with negativity, others have been less kind.

‘It’s good to take a break maybe u should take a long one and really try to understand that u r funny but to be honest your singing isn’t even for the birds,’ said Jennifer Traboulsi. ‘You must redirect yourself but do as u wish it’s your life.’

GSN has contacted Crocker for comment.

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