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Christian bisexual YouTube star Alex G gets engaged to girlfriend

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Showing off the string ring | Photo: Twitter @AlexGMusic7

Alex G, a Christian and bisexual YouTube singer, recently got engaged to her girlfriend, poet Torri Horness.

The singer first came out to herself — and then everyone else — at the start of 2017.

‘Seeing Evan Rachel Wood talk was the first time I had seen myself in someone else who claimed bisexual as their identity,’ she told Autostraddle.

Now, she’s engaged to her first girlfriend after coming out.

Alex G shared the news across social media.

‘Yesterday morning I asked my best friend to marry me,’ she wrote on Instagram.

Alex G and Torri Horness

The happy couple | Photo: Instagram @alexgmusic7

‘She is my person. She is love embodied. And i canNOT WAIT for a beautiful adventure of a life with her.

‘There are so many more things to say but i don’t seem to have words for them right now. Omg. We’re engaged human people!’

She also explained the fact that the engagement ring is a piece of string: ‘They are temporarily out of the ring I wanted and I just couldn’t wait to propose. I think it’s pretty cute.’

As of today, Alex G is still real excited about — as she should be!

Horness posted the same engagement photo on her Instagram with an equally cute caption: ‘Yesterday at 8am, Alex asked me to marry her.

‘I was outside taking a picture of the tulips in our lawn when she called me inside for a minute, and when I walked into our living room she got down on one knee—holding this piece of string, since the ring I love isn’t available yet.

‘She proposed, and I didn’t exactly say “yes,” but I implied it by shouting a series of “What?? What!!!!!” and then asking her to double knot the string.

‘So y’all – WE ARE ENGAGED!!!’

The love between them is very real and deeply felt.

Horness ended her post with: ‘And I could not be more astounded, surprised, and honored to spend my life with this badass, brave, compassionate, creative, kind, and beautiful woman. Here we go!!!’

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