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Colton Haynes mocks Kim Kardashian in Instagram post

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Haynes is making a splash | Photo: Facebook/Colton Haynes

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo to Instagram that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The photo, which depicts Kardashian lying on white sheets and blankets, is meant to promote husband Kanye West’s Adidas line.

Instead of focusing on the shoes, however, everyone took notice of Kardashian’s awkward and stiff pose. It quickly began to spread everywhere, with people mocking and parodying the photo.

Including 29-year-old Haynes.

Colton Haynes' Instagram post

Colton Haynes’ Instagram post | Photo: Instagram @coltonlhaynes

His 6.6 million followers seemed to love the post, with some taking shots at Kardashian and body image in their comments.

Comments on Instagram

Comments on Instagram | Photo: Instagram @coltonlhaynes

Is it in bad taste?

Later, Haynes posted to Twitter he was ‘being funny’ with the post, implying not everyone loved it.

Colton Haynes

Tweet | Photo: Twitter @coltonlhaynes

‘She’s such a sweet/boss/so loving… just like her entire family!’ he wrote. ‘If I looked anything like her I would move back to Kansas, take over the Midwest lol. She’s amazing and so nice so it was all in good fun.’

Is part of it in bad taste, though?

In the tweet, Haynes mentions Kardashian’s look, yet in his Instagram post, it’s clearly Photoshopped. It lends a completely unbelievable element to it and invites comments on Kardashian’s body.

Others have done it without altering their body, and sometimes in completely different locations.

Kardashian, meanwhile, recently ended up in hot waters after a social media fight with Tyson Beckford.

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