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Confirmed: Pulse massacre shooter was NOT gay, never used Grindr

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Omar Mateen killed 49 at Pulse, an LGBTI nightclub in Orlando, Florida

Eighteen months after 49 people were killed at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, the shooter’s motivations have finally been made clear.

Shortly after the massacre, many believed theories the mass murderer Omar Mateen was secretly gay.

Conspiracy theories spread as fact saying the shooter had privately used Grindr and had been to Pulse several times before.

It was assumed Mateen targeted Pulse as it was a gay club. It was suggested this was motivated by his hatred of his own homosexuality.

Millions mourned over the deaths of 49 people in Pulse – most victims were LGBTI.

Investigators found ‘no evidence’ Pulse shooter was a closeted gay man

Investigators have confirmed there is no evidence he was a closeted gay man.

They found nothing on his electronic devices he was ever on Grindr. Instead, he looked at porn involving older women and had extramarital affairs with two women.

There was also nothing in his internet history related to homosexuality. He did search, daily and obsessively, about ISIS.

Mateen had never been to Pulse. His original target was the Disney Springs shopping and entertainment complex.

However, because the security was tight there, he decided to google ‘downtown Orlando nightclubs’ an hour before the attack.

He did not include ‘gay’ or ‘LGBT’ in the search.

A security guard recalled Mateen asked where all the women were, ‘apparently in earnest’, in the minutes before he began the shooting.

When he was informed it was a gay club, prosecutors say he may have considered this a ‘plus’.

People travel to Pulse nightclub to honor the victims of the massacre

People are traveling to visit Pulse nightclub to honor the victims of the massacre

Omar Mateen did not target Pulse as it was a gay club, but may have considered that a ‘plus’

This means Mateen did not specifically go to Pulse to target the LGBTI community.

However, there is reason to believe he was homophobic. He supported ISIS.

His father, an FBI informant currently under criminal investigation, said his son got angry after seeing ‘two men kissing’.

The 2016 Hate Crimes in Florida Report does not include the 49 victims of the Pulse shooting in its official total.

‘These crimes were not classified as hate crimes by the Orlando Police Department in the Uniform Crime Reporting Information System,’ the report said.

Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS before the shooting, was killed during the massacre.

An emotional vigil marked the six month anniversary of the Pulse massacre.

An emotional vigil marked the six month anniversary of the Pulse massacre.

‘Her only sin was that she married a monster’

This investigation was revealed during the trial of Noor Salman, Mateen’s wife.

Instead of painting Salman as Mateen’s conspiritor, she was considered another of his victims.

‘She was not his partner, she was not his peer, and she certainly was not his confidant,’ one of Salman’s lawyers, Linda Moreno, said. Mateen was a domestic abuser who treated Salman with disrespect and violence.

‘Her only sin was that she married a monster.’

A jury declared Salman not guilty.

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