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Cosmetic company Lush dedicates new bath bomb to trans rights

Written by gaytourism

The Inner Truth bath bomb. | Photo: Twitter @lushcosmetics

Bath bombs are all the rage. After all, following a long, hard day, what’s better than me time, soaking in a hot bath? The answer — doing just that and donating to a good cause.

Cosmetic company Lush launched their two week campaign #TransRightsAreHumanRights on Thursday (15 February).

They’re highlighting trans rights with a store makeover and a new bath bomb.

All 250 North American storefronts are replacing their products with quotes and stories from transgender employees.

They also have decorations around their stores proclaiming that trans rights are human rights.

Plus, customers are also able to pick up a beginner’s guide to being a trans ally when they swing by.

On their website, they also have a page dedicated to trans stories. These include how-to guides for joining the movement, being an ally, and a trans glossary.

Enjoy the feel of that bath bomb

Their new bath bomb is the Inner Truth Bath Melt.

A pink and blue heart, the product contains cocoa butter and Sicilian orange oil, and that’s only the beginning.

100% of proceeds (minus taxes) are going to the National Center For Transgender Equality and The Canadian Centre For Gender & Sexual Diversity.

While the storefronts will last for two weeks, it’s not clear how long the bath bomb will be available.

‘At Lush, it’s important for us to listen to our staff and find out what issues they are most passionate about,’ Carleen Pickard, Lush’s ethical campaigns specialist, told HuffPost.

‘Transgender rights has consistently been at the top of the list. As an inclusive employer who champions equality, we simply couldn’t stand by knowing our co-workers fear for their lives because of who they are. So we felt it was our duty to to shed light on these daily discriminations and work to advance and secure their basic rights.’

Pickard further told GSN: ‘This campaign comes at a time when the rights of those in the trans community in the United States are being attacked. Our campaign aims to shed light on these daily discriminations and provide impactful tips individuals can use to make all spaces safer.

RuPaul is also loving the campaign.

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