COVID-19 Vaccine: Rich First, Corporate Greed, Have Mercy on Us All

1) In view of the dramatic escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, pressure is mounting on wealthy Western countries, including Germany, to release vaccine patents.

2) Otherwise the urgently needed increase in vaccine production could not be achieved, according to a recent appeal by Amnesty International and around 30 other aid and human rights organizations.

3) Accordingly, Germany continues to refuse to release the patents – and is instead trying to satisfy India with aid deliveries. The same counts for other rich countries, including the United States.

More than 30 international aid and human rights organizations are reinforcing the appeal to at least temporarily release the patents on Covid-19 vaccines.

It includes the new Health without Border Initiative by the World Tourism Network.

It is generally “known” that “due to limited production capacities not enough vaccine doses are currently available” to meet global needs.

Therefore, with the revocation of the patents, the chance must be opened up that more vaccines can be produced at many more locations in the future, according to a call that Amnesty International has just published. Otherwise “the necessary increase in production cannot be achieved.

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