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Cruise ship line vows to fight Bermuda’s same-sex marriage ban

Written by gaytourism

The Caribbean nation is the first in the world to repeal it’s same-sex marriage legislation.

One of the world’s biggest cruise ship companies will fight to make same-sex marriage legal again in Bermuda.

Carnival Cruises came under pressure to boycott Bermuda after it became the first nation in the world to repeal same sex marriage.

The cruise company and its subsidiaries – Cunard, Princess and P&O – have 24 registered ships in Bermuda. That means same-sex couples cannot marry on board its ships – even in international waters. Couples can register to get the lesser domestic partnership certificate.

But now Carnival Cruises says it wants to help overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in Bermuda.

It confirmed it is working with local LGBT+ advocacy group, OUTBermuda, to help its legal appeal against the new anti-gay marriage law.

Carnival Cruises will also lobby other travel businesses to encourage them to support the legal appeal.

‘As a company committed to equality, inclusion and diversity… our engagement includes providing OUTBermuda with financial, civic and public relations support,’ Carnival said in a statement.

Bringing the legal pressure

Human rights lawyer, Jamison Firestone, originally lobbied Carnival to do something about the same-sex marriage ban.

‘I wish Carnival Cruises and OUTBermuda success in righting this injustice,’ Firestone said.

‘Carnival must bring significant pressure to bear on the government of Bermuda, including the promise to register its ships elsewhere if the law is not overturned. Staying registered in Bermuda if the legal appeal fails would be a betrayal.’

Firestone is working closely with long-time human rights and LGBT+ campaigner Peter Tatchell to support Bermudan LGBT+ groups.

The two campaigners called on Carnival to re-register its ships in jurisdictions that embrace marriage equality.

‘This is a small but significant move by Carnival Cruises,’ Tatchell said.

‘We welcome its commitment to support the legal challenge to secure marriage equality in Bermuda. We salute the work of  OUTBermuda and its local and regional allies and wish them legal victory.’

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