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Dad of man who claims painkillers turned him gay says he’s lying

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Scott Purdy says painkillers turned him gay. | Photo: This Morning / ITV

The father of the man who claimed painkillers turned him gay says his son is lying about having no previous attraction to men.

Scott Purdy came out as gay about two weeks ago via a Facebook status.

He alleged painkillers for his chronic injury turned him gay, so he had to break up with his girlfriend.

When the news broke, it made viral headlines and Scott appeared on ITV’s This Morning show.

Scott said besides a brief experimentation phase when he was younger, he only had eyes for women.

He said: ‘I never had no desires for men. I didn’t look upon men like “I really want you.”‘

Nigel Purdy: ‘His whole life has been a lie’

But now his estranged father is calling him out for lying.

Scott’s father Nigel claims relatives always thought he was bisexual because he had previously slept with a man.

Nigel told The Mirror: ‘I know my son and we have always just assumed he was bisexual. As it turns out, he is gay. It’s just the way he was, even when he was younger.

He continued: ‘It was his general mannerisms. A parent knows their child. I don’t know why he has waited to come out with all this. His whole life has been a lie. He has told me in the past that he admitted that he started experimenting with a lad when he was younger,’ he said.

Scott’s stepmother Gail then told Mail Online he had slept with at least one man when he was 17.

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Dr Ranj Singh also appeared on the This Morning show segment to offer some professional advice to Scott Purdy.

The openly gay doctor said he was happy Scott was happy with his life now, but it’s just not possible – in his professional opinion.

Dr Ranj said a side effect of the drug is a change of sexual desire. He said what it probably did was help him ‘express what was already there.’

Scott said in the segment he’s not in contact with any members of his family ‘through other reasons.’

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