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Death threats for LGBTI refugees who threw Pride parade at Kenyan camp

Written by gaytourism

Mbazira Moses (L) and the threatening letter. | Photo: Supplied

The LGBTI refugees who threw a day full of Pride celebrations at a Kenyan refugee camp have received death threats if they don’t leave.

Mbazira Moses of the organization Refugee Flag Kakuma organized the first ever Pride celebrations at the Kakuma Refugee camp.

The camp is one of the biggest in the world and its roughly 200 LGBTI refugees all fled their home countries because of homophobic and transphobic persecution.

Even though the Pride celebrations were a success, two LGBTI people were violently attacked after the events.

Death threats

But now, other refugees at the camp have sent a strong warning to the LGBTI refugees.

‘This is warning to all men and women (gays) living in Kakuma,’ a note posted on one of the camp’s noticeboards read.

‘What you have been doing has to come to an end. We have been quiet for some time.

‘You have to leave the camp because you have spoiled our children and our religion.

‘If you don’t leave the camp we are going to kill you one by one and we mean it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’

The letter with the death threats sent to Kakuma's LGBTI refugees

The letter with the death threats sent to Kakuma’s LGBTI refugees. | Photo: Supplied

Moses said the LGBTI refugees who only days earlier had been celebrating their visibility were now living in fear.

‘This letter has left us in fear, desperate, and indoors with anticipations of violence at any time any day,’ he told Gay Star News.

Moses said many of LGBTI refugees did not go to work after the threat and might try and go to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi for a few days until the ‘situation is calm’.

He has also been under pressure, because Moses is now in debt after the Pride celebrations ended up being bigger than expected.

Moses is desperately trying to raise 12,000 Kenyan Shillings (US$120) to cover the costs of the popular Pride events. Anyone interested in donating can contact Moses on the Refugee Flag Kakuma Facebook page.

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