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Demi Lovato contemplated suicide when she was only seven

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Lovato recently put out a documentary. | Photo: YouTube/Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato revealed she considered taking her own life when she was 7 years old.

She recently appeared in a discussion with US TV host Dr. Phil.

‘At seven I knew if I were to take my own life that the pain would end,’ she told him.

Lovato has long been transparent and honest about her struggles with mental health. It’s an issue she’s used her voice and platform for which to advocate.

Previously, she’s opened up about battles with depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and having bipolar disorder.

She also supports other people’s struggles and journeys. For her current tour, she’s offering free therapy sessions for fans before the show.

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‘I hadn’t dealt with it yet’

Lovato continued, telling Dr. Phil she believes a lot of it stemmed from issues with her birth father.

‘That I hadn’t dealt with yet,’ she said, referring to his own mental health problems and then his death in 2013.

‘Now I’ve got older and I’ve been able to grieve the loss of him and I’ve been able to step back and look from a distance that he was mentally ill and it wasn’t his heart that meant to abandon me, I’ve been able to overcome his loss and understand where everything went wrong.’

Now, she’s six years sober, and said she feels like she’s ‘conquered’ the ‘addiction and alcoholism in a way I don’t think about it anymore’.

‘But my struggle with my food issues are something that I still deal with,’ she admitted. ‘But I’m growing and I’m in a really good place today.’

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