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Did Janelle Monáe finally come out of the closet in her new video?

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Tessa Thompson (L) and Janelle Monáe in PYNK. | Photo: YouTube

If you haven’t seen Janelle Monáe’s new video for her song PYNK, you may want to sit down first.

The song and video are a celebration of women’s vaginas, and ‘a special part of some women’ in a nod to trans and non-binary folk. Monáe teamed up again with songwriter Grimes to make the cute, but powerful track.

Shot in a desert location and starring Monáe’s rumored girlfriend, Tessa Thompson, and features not-so-subtle imagery of cis-gendered female genitals.

Monáe and her squad turn up to the PYNK-Rest Inn after driving through the desert in a pink Cadillac convertible, in a tribute to Thelma and Louise.

Pulling up to the isolated location allows Monáe to celebrate feminist, queer, women of color’s bodies far from the male gaze.

PYNK is an unapologetic tribute to women and their powerful vaginas. Monáe and her crew even dance in pants that look like a vulvas for most of the video.

‘Pink like the lips around your, maybe. Pink where the tongue goes down, maybe,’ Monáe croons in the song.

‘Pink is the paradise found.’

Gorgeous dancers are featured in all kinds of setting including in front of a ‘pussy power’ sign and dancing in underwear with slogans such as, ‘I grab back’. Monáe even proudly shows off her natural pubic hair flowing out of her underwear.

Is Monáe trying to tell us something?

There have long been rumors about Monáe’s sexuality, with the singer only ever going so far as saying she was ‘sexually liberated’.

But PYNK might be the closest Monáe has come to confirming her sexuality.

‘Pink is my favorite part,’ she sings at the end of the song.

‘I know that there are a lot of things that I haven’t discussed and I think this is the album that you’ll get an opportunity to get a closer glimpse into my mind and into my heart,’ she told Beats 1.

‘PYNK is a brash celebration of creation. self love. sexuality. and pussy power!’ she said.

‘PYNK is the color that unites us all, for pink is the color found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere… PYNK is where the future is born….’

Tessa and Janelle

Rumors about the relationship between Monáe and Thompson started to heat up when the actress starred in the video for bisexual anthem ‘Make Me Feel’.

Those rumors will only intensify after the release of PYNK.

At one point, Thompson’s head appears between the legs of Monáe’s vulva pants. And then the pair crawl towards each other over a sea of women’s backsides.

Thompson said her and Monáe ‘have been really close’.

‘We’ve been really good friends at this point for about three and a half years. I’m so lucky to have her in my life,’ she told ET Online.

Really, you should be sitting down to watch this

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People are shook

Needless to say, Twitter had a strong reaction to PYNK, calling it the queer anthem of the year.

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