Did Marvel just reveal these characters are polyamorous and bisexual?

One of Marvel’s great couples | Photo: IMDB/Netflix

In a recent Marvel comic, there was a definite implication that married couple Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are polyamorous — and possibly bisexual.

It happened in the first issue of The Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda, released this week. Tom Taylor wrote the issue in question.

While on a secret villain submarine (just go with it, these are comic books after all), someone put a hand on Luke’s shoulder.

However, Jessica is having none of that and quickly grabs the security guy’s arm. That’s when it gets interesting.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the Marvel comic

Don’t get on Jessica’s bad side | Photo: Marvel/Screenrant

‘Aside from one mutually agreed upon, open-minded friend,’ Jessica says. ‘I’m the only one who gets to touch this guy without his permission.’

So… Luke and Jessica’s marriage isn’t entirely exclusive is what she’s saying.

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There’s only so much that can be gleaned from Jessica’s comment. What it definitely implies, though, is that there’s someone, approved by both Jessica and Luke, who gets to touch Luke.

Without knowing who it is, how they identify, or whether Jessica is also involved in the touching, it’s difficult to label any of it.

Given Jessica knows, though, and that she and Luke are on the same page, there’s clearly an open element to their marriage. At least for this mysterious person.

Unless Jessica is making a tongue-in-cheek quip.

Given the importance of representation, though, we’re crossing our fingers it’s the former. Especially with their increased popularity thanks to their Netflix shows, a queer Jessica Jones and/or Luke Cage could mean a lot to fans.

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