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Discover these 7 hidden gems in Britain you need to visit

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Photo: Les Haines, Flickr

Despite being such a small island, Britain is filled with undiscovered holiday spots. From huge secluded caves in Scotland to wonderful wild walks on the south coast, the island’s natural beauty is made all the better by the fact no one knows about these spectacular destinations yet.

So beat the hordes of tourists and unearth Britain’s hidden gems for the perfect, tranquil break.

Valley of the Rocks, Lynton, Devon

Photo: BackyardProduction, Getty

The name may be a little unimaginative, but the otherworldly sights at this valley in Devon more than make up for it.

The stunning seaside and the paths alongside it are filled with surprises, like the adorable native wild goats. Different routes weave through the valley, meaning there’s always something new to explore. But when you need to catch your breath, avoid looking at the sea, as it’ll probably just take it away once again.

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Hellfire Caves, Buckinghamshire

Photo: Neil Rickards, Flickr

Also known as the far less impressively named ‘West Wycombe Caves’, this network of caverns was excavated in the 18th Century for gatherings of the mysterious Hellfire Club.

Although there are no secret societies meeting there today (that we know of), there’s much to enjoy when you venture into the caves, including a host of Halloween and horror-themed events. There’s also a tea room, if that all sounds like far too much hard work.

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Smoo Cave, Durness

Photo: Elgol, Getty

The north coast of Scotland contains many stunning secrets, not least this magnificent sea cave near the village of Durness.

Despite a 50 foot high entrance and floodlit interior, Smoo remains a relatively undiscovered marvel underneath the beauty of the Highlands. It’s also completely free, but worth taking a paid tour so you can enjoy the underground river raft and explore the cave’s many hidden corners.       

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Clevedon Pier, Somerset

Photo: Jennifer Sanerkin, Getty

Step into Victorian Britain at this Grade I listed location; a place once described by Sir John Betjeman as ‘the most beautiful pier in England’.

Enjoy a leisurely wander down the gangway, catch a boat out on the waves and enjoy candlelit dinner as the sun sets. Can you think of more perfect place to be civilized by the sea?

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Wasdale Valley, Lake District

Photo: Eyematrix

The ideal way to swerve the Windermere and Ambleside tourist crowds is to get down to Wasdale Valley. It’s well worth making the effort to access one of the most remote and gorgeous corners of Cumbria.

Explore England’s deepest lake and highest mountain, visit one of its smallest churches, and absorb the magnificence of the country’s most famous mountain range.

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Norfolk lavender fields

Photo: Martin Pettitt, Flickr

You don’t need to visit the fields of Provence for the sweet smell and beautiful sight of lilac flowers swaying in the breeze.

You can visit the fields in Heacham instead. But soaking your senses isn’t the only thing to do in Norfolk. Enjoy everything from cake and hot drinks in glorious tea rooms to tours of shops selling lavender-scented treats.

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Forvie Dunes, Aberdeenshire

hidden gems

Photo: colin_hunter, Getty

The least disturbed series of sand dunes in the UK, if it weren’t for the often… refreshing climate in the Forvie Nature Reserve, you might think that you’d wandered into the desert.

Wild and wonderful, walk through the dunes and hear the tales told in the area, including the story of the village that was swallowed by the shifting sands…

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