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Donald Trump Jr. attacks figure skater Adam Rippon on Twitter

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Rippon is always sure to thank his haters. | Photo: Twitter @adaripp

Unprompted, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Tuesday (13 February) and called out US figure skater Adam Rippon.

He criticized the athlete for speaking about Vice President Mike Pence, after Rippon said he didn’t want his first Olympics experience to be defined by Pence.

The junior Trump said the athlete shouldn’t have talked about Pence. Then he added he hasn’t heard Pence talk about Rippon once.

Of course, Pence has mentioned Rippon.

He tweeted about the skater the week the Olympics began. According to reports, his office also tried to set up a meeting with him, which Rippon turned down.

Many people quickly pointed out Trump Jr.’s mistake. Others pointed out his father has yet to wish any luck to the athletes competing.

Like a Jew meeting a Nazi

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg defended Rippon on a recent episode of The View.

The skater’s criticism of Pence stems from the Vice President’s anti-LGBTQ beliefs. Goldberg said an openly gay athlete like Rippon shouldn’t have to converse with someone like Pence.

‘I think it would be like asking a Jewish person to sit down and understand where the Nazi is coming from,’ she explained.

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While the Olympian can’t seem to escape the politics, even while competing on a world stage, he doesn’t seem to be letting it bother him. After all, he did recently earn his first medal. He’s also expected to compete in the men’s competition over the next two days.

He hasn’t directly responded either to Trump Jr. or Goldberg’s comments, but he did respond to comedian Ike Barinholtz’s take.

He also tweeted about Valentine’s Day.

And what a great tweet it is.

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