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Dozens of gay men a month are getting their penis whitened in Thailand

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Michelangelo’s David has a white penis

Around 100 men a month are getting their penis whitened in Thailand.

In the unusual procedure, Lelux Hospital in Bangkok uses a laser to whiten the private area.

It’s said to be very popular with gay men, with the majority of patients being LGBTI people between the ages of 22 and 55.

Bunthita Wattanasiri is the manager of the Skin and Laser Department at Lelux Hospital.

She told AFP: ‘These days a lot of people are asking about it. We get around 100 clients a month, three to four clients a day,

‘We have to be careful because it’s a sensitive part of the body.’

Doctors use a ‘very small laser’ to do the whitening.

Negative side effects of getting your penis whitened

The hospital charges $650 (€539.88) for five sessions.

Marketing manager for Lelux Hospital, Popol Tansakul, said patients started to ask about penis whitening after the hospital introduced vagina whitening a few months ago.

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has spoken out against the procedure however.

They warn possible side effects include pain, inflammation and scars. They also say people who go ahead with the whitening could see negative impacts on their reproductive system and on having sex.

Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn from the ministry said: ‘Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones.’

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