Drag queen interrupts wedding with rendition of It Should Have Been Me


Drag queen Cherie Trieffel mid-song (Photo: Facebook)

A drag queen interrupted a wedding between two men in Glasgow, Scotland with a hilarious lip-sync performance.

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Wedding guest Graham Cole captured the extraordinary stunt on his phone, during the nuptials of Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville on Saturday.

Just as the priest asked the audience at St Luke’s church if anyone should object to the marriage, Cherie Trieffel burst in.

Staggering up the aisle lip-syncing to Norma Whitfield’s 1960s soul song It Should Have Been Me, Cherie utterly stole the show.

Before making her way to the grooms, Cherie (aka Mark Swift) planted a kiss on a bemused male guest. She then proceeded to batter one of the grooms repeatedly with her handbag.

As it turns out, the performance was the grooms’ own prank on their guests.

Mr Cole told Glasgow Live: ‘The grooms organised it without telling anyone that it was happening.

Peter’s M’s mum Glenda actually thought it was real!’

The guests certainly enjoyed Cherie’s performance, bursting into laughter, cheers and applause.

Cole’s video has received over 5,000,000 views since posting on Saturday.

Check out the footage below:

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