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Drag Race fans perform RuPaul’s Kitty Girl in a cabin and it’s fabulous

Written by gaytourism

Voguing to Kitty Girl. | Photo: YouTube/heykittygirls

The scene: a cabin. The song: RuPaul’s classic Kitty Girl. Finally, the characters: A fabulous cast of kitty girls lip syncing like queens.

That’s the premiese of a hilarious and entertaining video going viral.

It has over 350,000 views on Facebook and it’s easy to see why. A group of friends having the time of their lives and absolutely slaying this song. Plus that group choreography at the end, complete with disco lights!

[embedded content]

There are too many great moments to have a favorite.

It starts with an outstanding pose on the cabin porch. Then there are twirls in the kitchen and Voguing at the table. The video is truly wonderful from start to finish.

Challenge accepted

Kitty Girl is a song on RuPaul’s eleventh studio album, American. I came out in March 2017 and RuPaul said it was influenced by the 2016 presidential election.

RuPaul wrote the song with Mark Byers.

Plenty of people have recreated the song over the past year. The Drag Race All Stars performed it and it even got a doo-wop makeover.

What’s even better about this video is that it’s inspiring the… Kitty Girl Challenge. The idea is to lip sync the song and see all the fun performances that come out of the challenge. Are you up for it?

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