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Drag Race’s Gia Gunn wants help to fund her gender affirming surgery

Written by gaytourism

Gia Gunn has set up a crowdfunding page to help pay for her gender affirming surgery. | Photo: Gia Gunn

RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Gia Gunn, is reaching out to the public to help pay for her gender affirming surgery.

The season six alum came out as trans last year and has since been a vocal advocate for the community.

In August last year she revealed her passport and driver’s licence recorded her gender as female.

‘No document will ever validate or justify my gender, but I am so proud of myself for getting this done,’ she wrote on Twitter at the time.

Gunn’s ten year ‘journey of self-discovery’ led her to realizing she wants gender affirming surgery.

She researched her options for about a year and is asking for help to fund the ‘very expensive’ surgery.

‘Once I discovered transitioning to the opposite gender was an option, I committed to that journey and dreamed of modifying my body to match my true self,’ she wrote on her GoFundMe page.

‘I’ve spent the last 10 years working hard toward this journey of self-discovery and am so grateful to all who have generously shared your continuous support and love, which has allowed me to reach a point of genuine happiness.’

Surgery has nothing to do with ‘reality of being a woman’

Gunn is hoping to raise about US$30,000 for her surgery including post-op care.

The drag star is aware that gender affirming surgery isn’t for everyone. Gunn also said surgery won’t solidify her identity as a woman.

‘What I choose to do with my body has nothing to do with the reality of me being a woman,’ she wrote.

‘I also realize that surgery will not solve all my problems. But I have worked so hard on the inside to get to
this point of honesty, and now I’m ready to work on the outside.

‘I can honestly look at myself in the mirror, ready to take responsibility to complete my transition. Before, surgery was a want and now it has become a personal need to fulfill my true identity.’

In a few short days, Gunn has already managed to raise almost $4,000.

She has documented her transition in a video series called #30daysintransition. She hopes her story and the visibility she can bring to trans issues helps younger trans people in the world.

‘I hope by sharing my experiences, you are inspired to pursue your own dreams and to be your authentic self.’ Gunn wrote.

‘I pledge to you to continue to be a voice for the trans community and help educate others on their journey.’

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